Marathon Operation

Rules and conditions

Every HAM and SWL is invited to participate.

The main goal is making a QSO with all eleven Frisan cities and the HQ (andJoker)-station PI4ECC.

Period:  jan. 1  until dec. 28 2018.

Bands: All HF and WARC bands, plus 6 mtr, 2 mtr and 70cm.

Modes: Phone, CW and Digital. Only direct communication is allowed, no repeaters, no internet etc.


We will use the following schedule:

  • January           – Leeuwarden     – PF2018LWD
  • February         – Sneek                – PF2018SNK
  • March              – IJlst                    – PF2018YLS
  • April                 – Sloten                – PF2018SLO
  • May                 – Bolsward            – PF2018BOL
  • June                – Hindeloopen    – PF2018HIN
  • July                 – Franeker            – PF2018FRA
  • August            – Harlingen          – PF2018HAR
  • September     – Dokkum             – PF2018DOK
  • October          – Workum            – PF2018WOR
  • November      – Stavoren          – PF2018STA
  • December      – All cities
Logging and QSL-ing.

The logs of our city-operators are leading, we don’t need your log. In case of doubt or error you can contact via

Logs are uploaded to LOTW, QRZ  and Clublog on a daily base, so you can check your QSO’s

All QSO’s will be confirmed by a card.

QSL via PA0MBD. We don’t use E-QSL.


Due to the poor DX-conditions this year, we lowered the requierments.

Now the ECC award will be issued when

  • european stations worked 11 cities
  • asian stations  (region 17, 18, 20) need 8 cities
  • other asian stations 4 cities
  • african stations 3 cities
  • N america 6 cities
  • South- and middle america 3 cities
  • oceanian stations 2 cities.

In case of a missed city, a QSO with HQ-station PI4ECC is a one time stand-in.

A award in goldcolour is issued having worked all 11 cities in one mode.

The awards can be downloaded and printed  after your request.  Awards can no longer be requested. We don’t need your log.The award will be send to you by email.

This is also a perfect opportunity to obtain the well known Friesland Award. For more info see

SWL category

The same rules are applicable. SWL’s have to submit a log-summary in plain text or ADIF-format.