Marathon Operation

Rules and conditions

Every HAM and SWL is invited to participate.

The main goal is making a QSO with all eleven Frisan cities and the HQ (andJoker)-station PI4ECC.

Period:  jan. 1  until dec. 28 2018.

Bands: All HF and WARC bands, plus 6 mtr, 2 mtr and 70cm.

Modes: Phone, CW and Digital. Only direct communication is allowed, no repeaters, no internet etc.


We will use the following schedule:

  • January           – Leeuwarden     – PF2018LWD
  • February         – Sneek                – PF2018SNK
  • March              – IJlst                    – PF2018YLS
  • April                 – Sloten                – PF2018SLO
  • May                 – Bolsward            – PF2018BOL
  • June                – Hindeloopen    – PF2018HIN
  • July                 – Franeker            – PF2018FRA
  • August            – Harlingen          – PF2018HAR
  • September     – Dokkum             – PF2018DOK
  • October          – Workum            – PF2018WOR
  • November      – Stavoren          – PF2018STA
  • December      – All cities
Logging and QSL-ing.

The logs of our city-operators are leading, we don’t need your log. In case of doubt or error you can contact via

Logs are uploaded to LOTW, QRZ  and Clublog on a daily base, so you can check your QSO’s

All QSO’s will be confirmed by a card.

QSL via PA0MBD. We don’t use E-QSL.


Due to the poor DX-conditions this year, we lowered the requierments.

Now the ECC award will be issued when

  • european stations worked 11 cities
  • asian stations  (region 17, 18, 20) need 8 cities
  • other asian stations 4 cities
  • african stations 3 cities
  • N america 6 cities
  • South- and middle america 3 cities
  • oceanian stations 2 cities.

In case of a missed city, a QSO with HQ-station PI4ECC is a one time stand-in.

A award in goldcolour is issued having worked all 11 cities in one mode.

The awards can be downloaded and printed  after your request.  We have launched a form, in which you can define your request. We don’t need your log.The award will be send to you by email. In certain circumstances you can ask for a paper-award to be obtained by postal mail after your contribution (the amount will be announced).

This is also a perfect opportunity to obtain the wellknown Friesland Award. For more info see

SWL category

The same rules are applicable. SWL’s have to submit a log-summary in plain text or ADIF-format.