Now time for last city!!

Now Workum is QRT. We will take again a deep breath, preparing for the last city: Stavoren.  PF2018STA will start on november 1  and is active thru november 28 . Did you miss Workum? In december all the 11 cities will be activated and the Jokerstation PI4ECC is regularly on air. PI4ECC counts for 1 missing city for the award.

The Workum-month was  a nice month in qso’s. The operators on our side were enthousiastic, you was fantastic, so together we made > 4200  QSO’s.We still hope condtions will improve, but the bands above  14mc are useless (except the FT8 signals)  and the lower bands die out earlier every month. Outside Europe we worked a few of W/VE,  JA’s and SA, but none VK/ZL, AF and OC.On the clusterscreen we do see we are heard in VK/ZL but we dont’d hear them. This is conspicious, because the YJ, VP6D  adn VK9X are well heard and worked.

All QSO’s have been uploaded to LoTW, QRZ and Clublog. You can check on validity of your QSO’s with our in-built logsearch. Something wrong? Mail to and we will solve it.

We hope to meet you again in november…..


EME activities

Saturday, june 9 from 06.00 utc  – 08.00 utc and sunday, june 10  from 06.00 – 08.00 utc  OM Rene (ex PE1L, now PA9RX) will be active on 2 mtrs EME with the call PI4ECC.