In september 2013 Leeuwarden, together with the capital city of Malta, was proclaimed European capital of culture for 2018. The organization of ECC 2018 is hard at work to make this a special year and Leeuwarden, along with the whole province, will be teeming with activity.

The theme for this year is “Bringing people together” and we, as amateur radio operators, are especially suited to make a contribution to such a theme.

HamlogoThe Frisian radio amateur associations have seized this event to organize a large-scale radio activity. During 2018 we will bring 11 special callsigns on air, based on the Frisian Eleven Cities and in the form of a 11-city-marathon. By means of special QSL-cards a connection will be made with the cultural manifestations taking place during this period and awards will be offered. This event is expected to attract a great deal of interest from abroad.

In addition amateur radio operators in Friesland will be active with personal 2018-callsigns.

The headquarters of the ECC organization is located in the wonderful Blokhuispoort building, anf the visitor-centre is located just opposite the railway station. There we did set up a (HQ-)radio station, accessible for the public.

The entire event will be supported by all Frisian radio associations. Only in this way we have enough volunteers and operators to bring this spectacular event in the air to a success. The ECC has an international character which is well-suited to our radio-communications.

See this website for more information about this remarkable radio event.

But this is not all….. The whole year a lot of cultural manifestations will be organized and shown as part of the Cultural Capital event. Not only in Leeuwarden, but over the whole province of Friesland. Are you in the position: we can recommend you to visit Friesland this year. Look at