The focus of all activities is to make QSO’s with Friesland by amateurs worldwide  on as may bands and modes.

One way to attract attention is the use of special callsigns. The cultural subject, chosen for this occasion, is to represent the eleven Frisian cities and bring them on  air. These cities are distinguished by special callsigns, where the prefix is PF2018 and the suffix is an abbreviation of the name of the city, e.g. PF2018SNK (the city of Sneek).

This is the main event called     11-Cities Marathon.

See for further information  the specific Marathon chapter.

The second way to attract attention is that all Frisian radio amateurs use their own special callsigns, meaning that the number in their call will be replaced by 2018. PA0ZZ would become PA2018ZZ.

In addition, further events will be organized, such as

  • a radiostation in ECC’s headquarter in the city-oasis, open for visitors and with the callsign PI4ECC. This station is operational since April 1, 2017
  • special projects on initiative of any Frisian radio amateur. An example of such a project could be Sail Harlingen 2018

Most QSO’s will be made on HF, but it is our explicit intention to use VHF/UHF bands also. The interest in special callsigns and awards is great, and we will surely promote this subject.

DXfotoSee you in the pile-up!!