First city gone, second city coming up….

Leeuwarden, PF2018LWD will go QRT 28 january at 2400 utc. We will take a deep breath, preparing for the 2nd city: Sneek. PF2018SNK will start on 1 february and is active the whole month.

The Leeuwarden-month was succesfull in our experience. The operators were enthousiastic, you was fantastic, so we made several thousands of QSO’s.We hope condtions will improve, we worked a feq JA’s and VK/ZL, but none AF and SA. All QSO’s so far have been uploaded to LoTW, QRZ and Clublog. You can check on validity of your QSO’s with our in-built logsearch. Something wrong? Mail to and we will solve it.

We hope to meet you again in february, were we are representing the beatifull city of Sneek, in the centre of Frieslands extended watersports area.