Now time for 8th city!!

Now Harlingen is QRT. We will take again a deep breath, preparing for the 9th city: Dokkum.  PF2018DOK will start on september 1  and is active thru september 28 . Did you miss Dokkum? In december all the 11 cities will be activated and the Jokerstation PI4ECC is regularly on air. PI4ECC counts for 1 missing city for the award.

TheHarlingen-month was was a topmonth in qso’s. The operators on our side were enthousiastic, you was fantastic, so together we madenear 4500  QSO’s.We still hope condtions will improve. Outside Europe we worked a few of W/VE,  JA’s and SA, but none VK/ZL, AF and OC. All QSO’s have been uploaded to LoTW, QRZ and Clublog. You can check on validity of your QSO’s with our in-built logsearch. Something wrong? Mail to and we will solve it.

We hope to meet you again in september, where we are representing the old and beautifull city  of Dokkum.