The end…..

Photo made by W. Landman

Like all good stories, this story has also a happy end. Dec 28 2018 at 24.00 LT all 11 city-stations and joker PI4ECC were closed down. Our operators made near 50.000 QSO’s with 181 DXCC entities. Their common opinion: “Glad it is done, but what a joy……”. And of course we hope you did like it also, hunting the 11 cities.

The conditions did not cooperate and the higher bands are not used the last months. Also the most recent FT8 version 2 came too late for a nice score in this mode. That’s a pity because there was no interest in RTTY and less in PSK. So the 50.000 QSO’s are divided in 31.500 CW, 12.500 Phone and 5.500 digital.

Now you can make a request for the award, if you reached the requirements. In the upcoming months the QSL-cards and awards will be distributed.